Lambertville Station Inn / Scott & Shawn

“You’re my favorite person to hang out with and I just want to do it everyday for the rest of my life.” Scott

“I just love you and we’re going to have a great life together.” Shawn

These two…man, oh man did they get us right in the heart. This is our favorite ceremony to-date. It was so emotional while at the same time so effortless and light. There’s is an easy love it seems. Lambertville Station Inn in Lambertville NJ, just over the bridge from New Hope, PA is where they hosted the celebration. Lambertville Station did an incredible job, as always www.lambertvillestation.  It was doubly special for us because our former clients Caroline and Chris were there.  After a whole lotta crying and laughing and non-stop dancing, they ended the night with fireworks over the water. We’ll never forget this wedding as long as we live. When we are old and grey and our great-grand children ask us what it was like to live through a time before marriage equality, I can show them this wedding and tell them what it meant to *us* to be there.

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